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Personal- & Semi-personal Training

Achieve your objectives through targeted training

Endurance, power, coordination, flexibility – each training is individually adjusted to your needs and wishes. Personal training is ideal to eradicate your own weaknesses – you will progress to noticeable successes in only a few weeks!

In a semi-personal training, you train in small groups – max. 3 persons – with friends, colleagues or family. Training in smaller groups enables a direct and individualised service at an affordable price.

Let's challenge your lack of willingness and bring movement in your life – don't dream it, be it!

First counselling talk

Contact me for a first counselling talk. We will discuss your current and past sporting activities, consider your available time frame and define your objectives.

Possible training contents:

  • Functional full body training: The whole body is trained thanks to complex exercises that also activate the muscles responsible for movement stabilisation and support
  • Core workout: We focus on strengthening your torso muscles
  • Running training: training for beginners (from Walker to Runner), interval & tempo training
  • Coordination training: This form of training targets on balance, reaction, and rhythm, and works as fall prevention, improves the economy of movement, sure-footedness and general body perception

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: € 75,- per person or small group
Place: by agreement

Technical running training

In the space of 90 minutes, you will learn the most important points about how to run correctly – this includes warming up together, video recording while running with video analysis of movement sequences and suggestions on how to improve and optimise your running style, learning the running ABC, introducing and performing the most important strengthening and stretching exercises for runners.

Duration: 90 min
Price: € 120,-
Place: At your usual outdoor training place; on request, technical running trainings can also take place on a running track (for example: sport center Marswiese)

Training planning & Online service

During a first consultation, we discuss your current and past sporting activities, consider your available time frame and define your objectives. Based on this data, you get a training planning adapted to your needs. Depending on your objectives, it will include sessions of endurance, strength or flexibility training. Based on the notations you take in your training plan, we regularly do a target-performance analysis. The training is then adjusted to your progress and emailed to you.

Price: € 20,- a week. We recommend at least 6 weeks, because this is the time when you should reach your first success.

Diet analysis and Individualised nutritional advice

You write down a detailed nutritional protocol for 3 days – I evaluate it afterwards. During a final talk, I give you my evaluation (calorie and nutrient balance, dietary composition), my feedback and a few tips to optimisation of your diet.

Price: € 175,-

Healthy shopping

We buy groceries together in your usual surroundings. You first choose your groceries yourself – then we analyse together which criteria should be observed and if the food you have chosen meets these criteria. Finally, we find together healthy alternatives to each product.

Duration: approx. 60 min.
Price: € 65,-
Place: by agreement